We’ve chosen our name, High Yellow, in part to recognize our own ancestral origins but also in an attempt to satirize any prejudice based on skin color, aka colorism.

High Yellow is hopeful, inspired and inclusive. Our simple ambition is to celebrate the transformative moments and figures of our past, present & future in our culture’s pursuit of freedom and equality.

It’s our heartfelt belief that the extraordinary people of the non-violent civil rights movement should be recognized for their courage, honored for their sacrifice, and celebrated for the change they affected.

Ours is but a small attempt to educate and to promote this message. In no way do we contend that we can honor all those who have contributed and sacrificed to this great effort. We can only hope that our small endeavor will somehow help sustain the memory of their heroism now and into the future.

Our motivations are pure, our intentions humble.

Thank you,

The HY folk.