John Kouris

This is a conversation with John Kouris who is currently in production of a documentary on the beautiful life and tragic death of our mutual friend Demetrius Dubose, who was shot and killed by the San Diego Police on July 24, 1999. “Demo” was a force of nature, a beautiful soul with an infectious smile. He was also a talented athlete who played briefly in the NFL but most of all, Demo was kind, generous, curious, intelligent, passionate and treated everyone, regardless of title, stature, race, popularity, age, wealth or whatever, as an equal. John and I discuss, with some emotional difficulty, our relationships with him, what he meant to so many people who were lucky enough to know him, and his terribly tragic, avoidable, premature death. For updates follow @sat_sun_prod and for the LA Times article click here


Episode 03 John K. (Demetrius Dubose)